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Olivers Blueprint to 11% in 90 days

Oliver came to us with big goals and little to no training experience. The goal from day one was to gain lean muscle mass and reduce his body fat to a level where we could see great, visible definition. Being in his thirties, Oliver had many potential hurdles facing him on his route to his transformation. A demanding job in finance led to long working hours and its fair share of stress. On top of this the nature of Oliver’s job meant he was desk bound most of the day. With these issues being flagged up his trainer, Sean devised a plan to give Oliver the best chance of success.

Quick Fire Stats:

Target timeframe:

12 Weeks

Starting stats:

Body fat - 17.5%

Weight - 63.4kg

Target stats:

Body fat – 10-12%

Weight – 60-62kg

The plan with Oliver wasn’t simply to just lose weight… any one can just lose weight! Our goal here was to build a physique, building lean muscle tissue and chipping away at body fat. The key here was to not rush the process. In order to both build muscle and lose body fat, we cannot be in a deep calorie deficit for a long period of time. The plan was to pull calories away from Oliver’s diet slowly and only when we needed to. With this in mind we set a timeline of 12 weeks in place to achieve 10-12% body fat, aiming to lose between 0.5-0.7% body fat per week.

Oliver’s Training Strategy:

As previously mentioned, Oliver had little weight training experience before joining ONE. With this in mind, from day one Sean needed to teach perfect exercise execution and then eventually add load accordingly. Training full body three times per week Oliver was able to hit body parts with more frequency, therefore becoming more comfortable with these new movement patterns.

General population transformations require full body training every session. Not only does this format help engrain exercise execution, it will also get the best bang for your buck in terms of calorie expenditure per session, which is key during a fat loss phase. As time went on and Oliver became adjusted to the training stimulus Sean had to change elements to the training programme. Variables such as exercise complexity, volume, load, rest periods, time under tension were manipulated to ramp up the intensity phase on phase. During the final weeks of the process, the emphasise was taken off of full body to upper body specific. The goal here was to increase the training volume of the upper body and really bring out Oliver’s chest, shoulders, back and arms.

Due to Oliver’s good weekly progress fat loss progress, Sean prescribed little cardio. Cardio is a tool very much like calories… we only need to adjust them when needed. Oliver’s step count still was kept above the target number of 10,000, ensuring his NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) level was high.

Oliver’s Dieting Approach:

The key to a successful diet is finding a sustainable plan within set nutritional boundaries, specific to the individual’s needs. Sean and Oliver agreed that three eating windows per day was the realistic. Being at work for over 9 hours per day it was important that Oliver got ahead of the game and prepared his food ahead of time (meal prep and Nutrition Kitchen).

With the information gathered from the first body fat analysis, Sean designed a diet plan that would place Oliver in a 20% caloric deficit at 1,800~ calories. The breakdown of that 1,800~calories was 140g Protein, 125g Carbohydrates and 80g fats. The high protein approach is not only to help maintain muscle/build muscle mass, but also used to help keep you feeling fuller longer as protein takes longer than carbs to breakdown in the digestive system, meaning less snacking. Carbs and fats were the variables that were adjusted throughout the plan in order to see consistent fat loss progress.

Final stats:

Body fat - 11.5%

Weight - 62.6kg

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