• Joshua Li

5 Nutrition Tips for Fat Loss

Nutrition is by far the hardest part of a fat loss journey. You can hit the gym 4-5 times a week but if your nutrition is not nailed down, your results will be close to non existent. This is where most people go wrong. In this article I will share my top 5 nutrition tips to get you fat to fit in no time.

Diet VS Lifestyle

Often people are looking for a quick fix and purchase unrealistic fad diets online which usually result in slashing calories drastically.

Dropping calories drastically will make you lose weight but eventually you will end up with little body fat and also very little muscle mass.

Fad diets are also not sustainable as like I said, they are for people who want a quick fix. They are not constructed for long term use and are made for short term results. People can often rebound pretty badly after following crash diets as it can result in your hunger hormones going through the roof and create a terrible relationship with food.

To shed fat and keep it off, you must follow a diet which is sustainable and designed around your everyday lifestyle. A nutrition plan that safely puts you in a small caloric deficit is the key to getting you started with your fat loss journey.

Importance of Protein

Remember, we are aiming to lose fat, not weight! When in a caloric deficit our bodies need a source of energy and turns to our body for fuel. It will burn fat storage and secondly if you're not careful will also burn our hard earned muscle tissue.

This is where protein comes in. Eating enough protein is crucial for muscle building, as proteins are broken down into amino acids, which our muscles use for repair and growth. A good guideline to begin with is to consume around 1g of protein per lbs of body weight.

During fat loss, consuming protein is extremely important because it will help you maintain muscle mass when your body wants to burn it for fuel.

Stop Drinking Liquid Calories

A lot of people will forget that liquids contain calories too and it can add up big time.

Take for example an individual that enjoys a tall glass of orange juice in the morning, a can of coke to go with their lunch, coffee with cream and sugar to get them through the afternoon, and maybe a tall glass of milk before bed. That all adds up to approximately 600 plus calories, which can easily put you over your daily caloric intake.

To substitute these drinks, I will tell my clients to go for calorie free drinks such as water, black coffee, and diet sodas.

Drinking liquid calories could be huge limiting factor to your fat loss and cutting them out completely could be the missing key to your fat loss success.

Stay Hydrated

Everyone should drink more water. Everything in your body contains water, from your blood to your cells to your muscle tissue.

Just a slight drop in hydration can signal hunger and thirst. Many foods are dehydrating especially sugar and salt.

Often your body will mistaken thirst for hunger. Drinking more water will make you feel fuller for longer and stop hunger and cravings. Stick to at least 3-4 litres of water a day, and if you feel hungry, try drinking water first.

Carbs are NOT the Enemy

Carbs are our bodies preferred fuel source. Our bodies break down carbs into glycogen which is used for energy.

The key to consuming carbs while dieting is finding the right balance. Eating an excess amount of carbs can lead to adding excess body fat through consuming more calories than needed. However, we want to eat enough carbs to fuel our muscles and not our fat stores.

Carbs will often get a bad rap as most people will associate them with foods high in sugar, low in fiber and rich in fats such as pizza, cookies, sodas and other processed foods. These types of foods will spike blood sugar levels and are easily over eaten which will put you way over your calories.

Stick to carbs that contain lots of fiber and are slow digesting such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal, veggies, and whole wheat products etc. The advantage of these complex carb sources are they are full of fiber, slow digesting, satiating, and give you consistent energy throughout the day.

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