• Joshua Li

5 Common Muscle Building Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


It's simple. You cannot spot fat remove. So training your abs more doesn’t mean that you are going to lose fat faster in that area. Also, think about this. Your abs are one of the smallest muscles in your body, so training them is going to burn you very few calories in comparison to training a larger muscle such as the legs or back. Instead of focusing on ab movements to get a 6 pack, you should instead focus on the heavier whole body compound movements. This will not only help you build a more well rounded physique, but it will increase your metabolism to a much higher rate, effectively allowing you to burn more calories and lose more fat! Once you are relatively lean, only then should you start focusing more on ab training in order to help them “pop out” a bit more. But an individual above 14% body fat really has no place training abs all the time.


When the average guy thinks about what he needs to get a beach body that girls would GO for, he thinks about the chest, abs, and arms. Whilst it is true that these muscles are what we see first in a “Greek God” like physique, only training them is not the most efficient way to attain that physique. It is definitely important to train these “showcase” muscles, but one must not neglect the legs and back. Two muscles that are often forgotten about simply because they are not seen at a first glance. But think about this. The legs and back are the LARGEST muscles in the entire body. So training them will result in your body producing more natural testosterone, and hence help you build more muscle overall.


A low fat diet CAN work, but it is not the driving factor in what constitutes a successful diet regime. What’s most important when it comes to losing fat, is an overall caloric deficit! This means that you must eat beneath your maintenance calorie for a prolonged period of time. Now if eating low fat helps you to stay in a deficit, then yes a low fat diet will work. But one must not make the mistake of thinking that “fat makes you fat”. Here are some common things that you hear people say that is false information!

  • - “Fruit can’t make you fat” (yes it can if the calories add up)

  • - “Protein can’t make you fat” (yes it can if the calories add up)

  • - “Healthy food can’t make you fat” (yes it can if the calories add up)


If you want to get a shredded physique, then you must combine diet with training and cardio. Yes, all 3 factors! When it comes to weight lifting in the gym though, you benefit absolutely nothing from trying to show off lifting the most weight amongst your friends. Letting yourself sacrifice good form for an ego lift will not only leave you vulnerable to injuries, but it will also cause you to develop muscle imbalances and have an overall less efficient workout because the right muscles won’t be getting worked as efficiently as they could.


Let’s put it plain and simple. All of those interesting looking variations of different exercises and routines that you see on Instagram are all “fluff”. They are made up by IG models for the exact fact that they are catching to the eye. These IG models post them because they know that it will get them more followers as it helps them look “special” and smarter because they can play it off that they’ve come up with some new way of doing things that no one has seen before. Exercise customization is good at the right time with the right person. An advanced lifter (at least 3-5 years in the gym) may benefit from these interesting new routines, but a beginner lifter has no place sacrificing a solid and simple workout program for “Instagram fluff”. Focus on the basics. BASICS BUILD FOUNDATION. Focus on perfect exercise execution. Master the squat, bench, and deadlift. Don’t waste your time trying to attempt partial reps at a 30-degree angle balancing on a bosu ball and using the random kettlebell in the gym.

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