• Joshua Li

How Clayton reached his transformation in only 90 days

What did you want to achieve when you started at ONE?

I have never been able to achieve a physique I was proud of. I had been going to the gym on and off for a couple of years and I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be. I used to read some training info online but I really had not clear idea of what I should be doing to get in good shape. A few of my friends were at ONE before me and recommended I checked it out. Did you achieve the physique you were hoping for?

My transformation went far beyond my expectations. I was a bit cautious about personal training before I joined as you hear about some bad experiences here and there. I was really taken back by the professionalism and the structure ONE have in place for us clients. The diet and training was in more detail I could have asked for. My trainer Lezlie also helped remedy some of the lifestyle issues I was having – poor sleep, stress etc.

What are 3 lessons you learnt at ONE?

1. Set yourself a goal – This was my driving force throughout this process. I had a date in mind and I worked hard to get in shape for it.

2. Following a training programme and getting progressively better at it each time you perform it is key. There is no point and chopping and changing a programme for the sake of it.

3. Rest is important – I started with the mentality of the more intense training the better. I underestimated the importance of recovery. Rest days allowed my body to recoup and push to my potential every time I stepped in the gym.

How will this process help you going forward?

I’m not only finishing this process with a new physique, but also a lot of education. I have learnt what to eat, how much to eat and when to adjust my diet. Training wise my technique on all exercises have been improved so much. I have learnt how to feel the muscle go through the movement, and not just move the weight from one place to another. What is your training and diet like now?

I train three times per week. I am now trying to build more muscle mass in certain areas of my body, so my training has changed from full body to body part splits.

Lezlie is now reverse dieting me, so I am gradually adding more food in week by week (mainly through carbs) What are the best nutrition tips that helped you reach your transformation?

Keep within your set calorie balance

Ensure those calories are quality calories (a good macronutrient profile)

Go for high protein – it keeps you fuller longer. Useful for the tail end of the diet.

What would you say to someone who thinks achieving a result like yours is too hard?

Just because you have never got near it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. With the right guidance you will get there. What are your best tips for anyone to get in great shape?

Set a goal

Be determined

Be persistent

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