• Joshua Li

My 90 Days Transformation - Eric

What did you want to achieve when you started this process at ONE?

I wanted to build a well-rounded physique and have visible abs. The target my trainer Lezlie and I set out to get as lean as possible whilst keeping hold of muscle.

Did you achieve the physique you were hoping for?

Yes, but now I have seen the progress I want to keep pushing for more.

What are 3 lessons you learnt at ONE?

  1. Tracking macros is extremely important. The quality of the calories matter when you are trying to build a physique.

  2. Weight training is more than just pushing and pulling weight from A to B. Feeling tension and the contractions is very important.

  3. Persistence is the key to a great result

What is your training and diet like now?

Since we just finished our fat loss phase, I have now committed to try and build some more muscle. Lezlie has changed my diet already, bringing in more carbs gradually. The goal now is to get progressively strong, increase food and keep a good condition.

Training wise – my training has gone from a full body focus approach to a body part split, hitting different muscle groups per session.

What are the best nutrition tips that have helped you keep lean after your transformation?

Build your calories back in slowly. If you go too high too fast, then that is when your body will store these excess calories as fat.

What would you say to someone who thinks achieving a result like yours is too hard?

As I mentioned earlier, persistence is key to this process. Sometimes you will feel tired and ready to give up. At that point you need to remember why you started. In the big scheme of things, 12 weeks is a very small amount of time to commit to.

I don’t think I could have done this process alone because - I didn’t know how to diet and train for a transformation and I needed the support of my trainer through the process to keep pushing me on.

What are your best tips for anyone to stay in great shape?

Follow a plan

Be consistent

Have a goal

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