• Joshua Li

The One Movement Every Woman Should Be Doing

You perform this movement everyday, and probably weren't even aware. Even babies use this functional movement.

When you lift a heavy box, pick up your child or hoist any object in your day to day routine, your'e deadlifting. You are inevitably going to be picking up things your entire life, so why not learn the proper biomechanics and get stronger in the process.

Getting strong makes you less prone to injury and more resilient. The deadlift is a compound movement, engaging many muscle groups simultaneously, giving you more bang for your buck in one single exercise. It will tone your glutes, thighs, hamstring and back as well as strengthen your pelvic floor (which for every women is essential).

When pulling an object up from the ground you must create intra abdominal pressure (tension your core) in order to do so safely and protect your back. Learning how to properly engage these muscles will, over time, help improve stability and core strength which are real transferable life skills. Women can deliver babies easier and have a faster recovery postpartum by having this control of the creation of intra abdominal pressure and a strong pelvic floor prior to, during and postnatal periods.

The deadlift can improve your posture and help correct an anterior pelvic tilt (when the front of the pelvis drops and the back of the pelvis rises which increases the arch in your lower back, potentially leading to future lower back conditions) from years of wearing heels or overarching to create the illusion of a bigger butt. This movement will help create a real one for you. From an aesthetic point of view the deadlift targets your posterior chain (your lower body) creating a toned legs and glutes. Yes, strong glutes look great, but these muscles work together to abduct, rotate and extend the hip making them vital to everyday movements. Having strong glutes can reduce knee pain, back pain and improve your daily functions such as running and lifting.

Remember - exercise execution is so important. If you are unsure of how to perform deadlifts or other exercises for that matter, book in for a consultation with us and learn more about how we can help you. Book here





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