• Joshua Li

What 10 foods should I avoid if I want to get lean?

1. Margarine

Real butter from grass fed cows is high in good fats like CLA that are beneficial to your health. Margarine on the other hand contains trans fats. Trans fats destroy insulin sensitivity and create inflammation in the body and are the worst food to eat for health and body composition.

2. Cereal

Most grains block absorption of vitamins and minerals. Cereals are often full of sugar and processed grains and these create an increase of insulin and inflammation in the body at the same time.

3. Canola/Vegetable Oils

Most of these oils are GMO sourced and high in the inflammatory fat Omega-6. Excess in Omega-6 leads to inflammation. These oils are not good for cooking as when heated they degrade and become oxidized.

4. Flaxseed Oil

Marketed as a source of Omega-3 flax oil is actually a source of alpha linoleic acid. ALA only converts to omega-3 in the body at a rate of around 4%. In addition , like similar oils, flax oil has often gone off by the time you buy it.

5. High Fat Conventional Farmed Beef and other Red Meats

The quality of meat is dictated by the diet the animal is given. In the case of cattle if they are fed a diet of wheat, soy, and corn as opposed to grass fed this leads to the meat being high in inflammatory fats like omega-6. On top of that feeding that diet to animals is unhealthy and leads to the development of disease and infection in them, and the meat is then chemically cleaned and injected with antibiotics. Residue of the chemical wash stays on the meat and attacks your digestive and immune system.

6. Canned Foods

Canned foods often provide very little nutritional value because they are not fresh. Most canned goods use BPA based lining inside that means your canned food is sitting in an estrogen solution. If you are going to get canned food you should go for an organic BPA free choice of can.

7. Gluten Containing Foods

Not everyone has issues digesting gluten but there are no benefits from eating it. Wheat products these days have 100 times the gluten now than 100 years ago. Eating gluten over time causes insulin resistance, brain ageing, and the breakdown of joint tissue.

8. Hydrogenated Oils

These oils were not healthy to begin with to get the thick consistency they go through a hydrogenation process which leads to the formation of trans fats in an already inflammatory oil making it even worse. The body can't metabolize trans fats and instead they get stuck in the membranes of cells making skin thick and hard, and plasticizing fat cells.

9. GMO Soy, Corn

When foods have been altered genetically the proteins in the foods have been changed so that they can either be foreign to the body or are ones that we are only supposed to have small amounts of. Many plants have been modified so they can survive larger exposures to chemicals, antibiotics and pollutants, so when you eat them you are getting more of all of those.

10. High Processed sweeteners, Agave Nectar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Splenda, Sucralose, Aspartame, and sugar alcohols like Xylitol

Even zero calorie sweeteners can increase insulin released in the body just based on taste. High processed sweeteners such as Sucralose and Xylitol have negative impacts on the gut and can cause growth of yeast and bad bacteria in the gut. These should be used in moderation.

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