• Joshua Li

The Perfect Set Up for 4 Popular Exercises

Using incorrect form can not only create injury and unnecessary stress on your joints but also you won’t be stimulating the muscles for growth, so it is crucial to perform movements with good form in order to get the most out of an exercise.

Before delving into what is proper form it is important to first learn the basics of setting up properly before performing any exercise to prevent injury. The following movements are a few that most people get wrong:

Flat Bench Press - An exercise targeting the pecs, however a lot of people will feel this exercise in the anterior delts due to poor set up and form.

  • Lie down on the bench and make sure bar is eye level.

  • Retract the shoulder blades and keep them pinned to the bench (this is going to ensure safety for the shoulders and prevent them from rolling forward when pressing).

  • Raise chest up and keep an arch in the lower back, tighten the upper back.

  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground (shoulder width, and just behind knees).

  • Unrack the bar, make sure everything is engaged and tight before starting the rep.

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown - This targets the lats, but if performed incorrectly you will feel this a lot in the forearms, biceps and traps.

  • Set up the knee pads so that you’re firmly fixed in position (pads will prevent body being raised by the resistance)

  • Feet firmly planted on the floor.

  • Grab the bar with palms facing forward and grab the bar a distance outside shoulder width. Make sure both sides are evenly spaced apart.

  • Bring your chest up and SLIGHTLY lean back

  • Relax your traps and retract shoulder blades together before pulling down and starting the rep.

Conventional Deadlift - A big compound exercise that targets the full body, but often people will complain about lower back pain due to poor form.

  • Walk up to the bar and stand shoulder width with bar almost touching the shins.

  • Squat down (DO NOT BEND OVER) and grip the bar just outside shoulder width.

  • Sit back, stay on the heels, and maintain a neutral spine.

  • Engage the lats, pull slack out of the bar before beginning the rep.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press - A great exercise for the shoulders, but with poor form will often create stress in the lower back and rotator cuff.

  • Sit on a bench with an upright back support.

  • Place Dumbbells on knees and make sure lower back is flush on the back rest.

  • Raise the dumbbells by your ears with elbows at 90 degrees.

  • Brace the core for stability before beginning the exercise.

Execution of exercises is king when it comes to making a change in your physique. Come in for a 30 minute consultation and 30 minute free training session to see how much you can learn from us. Book in via the tabs above.





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