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Anthony's Journey with ONE

What was your motivation to start a program at ONE?

Started out mostly because of Health Issues. I needed to lose weight on doctor’s order. As training progressed, the need to improve my strength became my next priority.

What was your level of fitness before you started?

When I started, I thought my fitness level was not that bad. When I compared myself to my peers, I felt I was perhaps maybe average. It quickly became apparent that’s not true because I ended my first training session fully exhausted. I was so out of shape.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started?

I thought I had a good knowledge of what is healthy eating, and what’s a healthy lifestyle. ONE pt explained and showed me everything I knew before I started the program was pure crap. Now I know there is a lot of options out there.

What changes have you noticed since training at ONE?

Health for one. I used to have frequent gouty attacks. The combination of training, diet plans and lifestyle changes designed by ONE PT has helped to control my gout issues. Now, I not only feel healthier, I feel more energetic, more awake, and my mind is much clearer too. The other change is my body shape. I’ve received so many compliments that I feel so much more confident as a result.

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started the process with us?

In the past, I exercised because I felt it provided me an excuse to guilt free meals. It was a misconception for me to think I can use exercise to compensate for my bad diet. Now, that I understand proper Diet and Exercise, and see physical changes, I am motivated to maintain a stricter diet to achieve a more desired outcome; no more free and spontaneous dining, no more unhealthy snacks. Lifestyle has changed too, but only for the better.

What effects did the program have on your general performance, energy levels, and lifestyle?

I have higher energy levels now. I am stronger overall, which has helped me become more agile and active.

How did you manage to fit the training and dieting in during your busy schedule?

At first, it was one of the toughest things to achieve, but thankfully I had help from Ben. He will check on me constantly to make sure I am accountable for my decisions on training and dieting. He provided a huge boost of motivation to help me make time and effort to fit training and dieting even on my busiest days.

What do you feel you have learned so far during this process?

I’ve learned about proper techniques to help me stay injury free. Ben is very careful and meticulous at checking, maintaining and explaining about my form during workout.

I’ve learned about what is a proper Diet. Dieting during training can be just as delicious

I’ve learned that Lifestyle during training can be just as exciting.

I’ve learned that I am so much stronger than I know. Just when I think I've expended my last ounce of energy, Ben will manage to push me mentally and physically to the next level every time.

I’ve learned about how to train on my own time outside of ONE. This is very important because learning to be non-reliant on my trainer all the time helps me maintain my accountability.

Would you recommend ONE and why?

Yes! I would recommend ONE to anyone who is serious about their health and to anyone who has not had any luck with their current trainers. Having experienced training at ONE, and watching how the trainers work and treat their clients here, I can see they are different from any standard gyms. The guys at ONE have a genuine passion at helping others achieve their goals.

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