• Joshua Li

6 Tips to Avoid Failure in Your Diet

Sticking to a diet plan is by far the biggest downfall for majority of people when trying to achieve a fitness goal. Everyone has the ability to achieve their dream body but only 5% of the population have the correct mind-set to stick to the plan. For those that think simply going to the gym is going to change their body composition, then think again. A well-planned diet is what determines most of your body composition and training will assist this.

Here are some tips to follow to help you stay on track with your diet plan:

1. Make food more enjoyable

If you’re one of those people that can’t stand eating bland chicken and broccoli every day, there are ways of making your food a lot more enjoyable All it takes is a little bit of creativity. If you find it difficult to give up some of your favorite foods then there are always ways of making healthy alternatives e.g. low carb and high protein pizza’s (use low carb tortilla wraps for the base and go for low fat cheese and lean meats for the topping).

2. Convenience

Living a busy lifestyle can often throw you off your fitness goal as it can be time consuming thinking about your meals, so convenience is key. You can eliminate the hard work and purchase meals from meal prep companies. They are going to make your life so much easier while keeping you on track with your fitness goals. Hong Kong has plenty of these, a personal favorite of mine is Nutrition Kitchen HK.

3. Create a list of go-to restaurants in your area

There are so many macro friendly food joints popping up all over the world so wherever you are, there is no excuse to cheat on your diet plan. Do a little bit of research and see what foods there are around your area of work or home which you think will fit into your diet. A lot of restaurants now have heathy options on the menu.

4. Smart choices when eating out

You can still enjoy your time with your friends and family and stay on track. At ONE, we will always promote a healthier lifestyle which is both sustainable and enjoyable! All it takes is making smarter choices and becoming a little more sensible. Instead of ordering fries as a side, go for veggies. It isn’t difficult and your friends aren’t going to judge you. If they do, then show them what you can achieve at the end of it. You never know, you might end up motivating your friends to live a healthier lifestyle too.

5. Know your motivation

A client of mine wanted to lose 10kg for his wedding day so that he can look his best for his big day. Whenever he feels tempted to cheat on his diet he would ask himself, would he rather eat chocolate or look the best he has ever looked for his special day. When you have a strong motivation like this, it makes it easier to stray away from temptation.

6. Patience

Fluctuation on the scale can often create a sense of failure. This can cause individuals to throw in the towel on their fat loss journey going back to their old ways. Fat loss is not all smooth sailing and some days your weight WILL fluctuate. Consistency and patience is key to any fitness goal and with the right attitude, the results will come!

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