• Joshua Li

The Best Fat Loss Workout Around

When it comes to weight training for fat loss little beats German Body Composition training (GBC). The aim of GBC is to produce as much lactic acid as possible, resulting in greater growth hormone production, inducing faster fat loss results.

The basis of the programme will be to include taxing compound lifts, isolation movements and short rest periods. All of these elements will raise your heart rate rapidly and in turn you will burn more fat. The programme is set up with upper and lower body exercises supersetted, which will create a greater metabolic effect due to the driving of blood up and down the body to the working muscles. At the end of the workout we tend to include a high intensity exercise such as interval sprints to squeeze out the most of the session and burn further calories.

When performing a GBC workout you should aim to use a weight roughly about 70-75% of your one rep max. If you aren’t struggling by the end of each set then you need to increase the weight – you should be maxing out at the end of every set. For optimal results seek to do a GBC style session 3 - 4 times per week.

Key thing to remember – do not coast through the session and always look to improve on your previous training session whether that is in weight lifted or reps performed.

Here is One Personal Trainer, Joe Ellyatt taking us through a version of a GBC session.

A1. Neutral Grip Lat Pull Down 4x10

Tip – Chest up always and drive down with the elbows.

A2. Lying Hamstring Curl 4x10

Tip – Ensure you gain full range of motion and contract your hamstring at the top of the range.

B1. Seated DB Shoulder Press 4x12

Tip – Lower the DB’s in three seconds to create tension on your deltoids.

B2. Barbell Squat 4x12

Tip – Come down in 4 seconds to create tension on your legs and achieve full range by ensuring your hips go below knee height.

C1. Single Arm DB Row 3x12

Tip – Keep your back flat and avoid twisting your torso.

C2. Leg Extension 3x15

Tip – Hold the squeeze at the top of the range for one second to gain a deeper contraction.

D. Assault Bike 8x10 second sprints.

Tip – Give it EVERYTHING you have.





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