• Joshua Li

Irene came with a goal and she smashed it

What was your initial goal to starting with your trainer?

To get rid of my tummy and get abs. Ultimately a nice bikini body What changes have you seen in your body to date?

Lost 8kg since I started weight training with Jon. I was a size Medium when I started, with a broad shoulder wide hip body build, even though I exercised 4-5 times a week (boxing and running). Never imagined that I can fit into a size Small / XS now. Downside is I need to have a complete changeover of my wardrobe as I can't fit into my old clothes! My body shape is more lean now, narrower shoulders and waist, much more toned arms and even starting to see some abs, oh and tighter butt (thanks to those 'comfortable' hip thrusts Jon makes me do every session).

What lifestyle changes have been made?

I'm much more health conscious on my diet now. Before I started the programme, I used to do regular exercise (4-5 times a week, 2 hours each time) and eat only one meal a day, but that didn't help me in getting the results I wanted. Since I started the programme, my diet plan requires me to eat 5 times a day and I had to learn how to cook. Now cooking has become my hobby, I really enjoy looking up recipes to make healthy nutritious food and I get to eat a lot by hitting my calorie target. No need to starve myself anymore! Now you have been regularly weight training, whats your view on the programming at ONE?

I had personal training at other gyms previously, but didn't get me the results I'm getting now. The trainers and programme at ONE really focuses on your needs. They will keep monitoring your progress, diet plan, changing the exercise programme regularly tailored to your needs. They really push and motivate you to achieve more and lift more than you expected!

A gym can be male dominated at times, but what can you say about a female training at ONE?

The gym is very well equipped, spacious, clean and stylish, with nice decor (I love the brick wall and the all black equipment). The trainers and receptionists are very friendly. Most female thinks that weight lifting will make you big and bulky, but actually weight lifting can help you loose weight faster, toning your body to make you look lean. Achieving results that cannot be achieved by just doing cardio.





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