• Joshua Li

How Tyler transformed his life and physique

What was your motivation to find a personal trainer?

Breaking old habits can be very difficult! I was looking for a lifestyle change, but knew I needed a coach. I was trapped in a vicious cycle of helplessness and couldn’t find confidence in my own body. I didn’t feel that I was fully meeting my capabilities – I was seeking a sharper mind and body for optimum performance both athletically and professionally.

Why did you decide to try ONE out?

I was referred to ONE PT by a friend of mine. I prefer boutique businesses. From coffee shops, to jewellers, to gyms… my experiences with smaller businesses prove quality always exceeds its commercial competitors. Results are a priority, not turnover, service is personable and the experience is unique. This is especially true at ONE PT and is exactly what makes their service so enjoyable and worthwhile!

What was your lifestyle like before you came to ONE?

I work in a stressful environment with long-hour commitment in a highly demanding role at a financial firm – rewarding nonetheless. However, I NEVER made MYSELF a priority. My sleeping patterns were inconsistent and brief. I spent nights out consuming the social scene and rarely found a reason to make the gym because I “just couldn’t find the energy.” My diet was quick, easy and cheap. I was depressed and uncomfortable with a poor attitude. My lifestyle broke me.

What is it like now?

I’m SO much more effective and productive morning, day and night both at work and on the weekends! I have a routine sleep schedule, a refined diet, and clearer mind. Trust me, I still enjoy my nights out in Hong Kong, but with better moderation.

Tell us about your diet and how It has changed since being at ONE.

My diet was convenient and flexible.. lots of sandwiches, burgers, noodles, fried foods, wines, beers.. you name it! I love to snack and I LOVE sugar. It felt good going down, but it just wasn’t the fuel I needed. My trainer at ONE PT, Ben, structured a personalised diet to help me achieve my goals. High protein, low carb initiative that still allowed for (healthy) snacking. I prepare a majority of my own meals now, but more importantly, I’m making more conscious decisions when dining out. I know now that I can’t fill my body, my vehicle, with poor fuel and expect premium performance!

What do you feel you have achieved?

I’m happy, I’m positive, and I’m healthy! Three extremely valuable things that I didn’t have before.

What was your story at ONE?

I remember I walked into ONE PT to meet my trainer, Ben, for the first time and said “I can’t possibly find the energy to work anymore, I can’t imagine if I had to defend myself…” I was helpless and it was noticeable… I was so stressed, sleep deprived, and unhealthy that I could actually feel my body buzzing! It was evident that Ben was willing to commit to me, which in turn gave me enough confidence to commit to myself! Looking back, I could have easily found alternatives or excuses to showing up at the gym, but they didn’t outweigh the differences in how I felt!

What’s your next goal?

I’d like to get myself to 7% body fat. I’m not one for the camera or the attention, but I guess I wouldn’t rule it out…

Who would you recommend ONE to?

I’d recommend ONE PT to anyone who is ready to commit to themselves and whatever his/her goals may be. Anyone that needs a little push, trying to burn some steam, or looking for results. If your goal is to compete or if it’s simply to find balance in your happiness – I would absolutely recommend you to see the team at ONE PT… and I’ll see you there!

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