• Joshua Li

One Personal Training talks with Senior Trainer Benjamin Liu

Quick stats

Age: 30

5 years of Personal Training experience

Natural Bodybuilding Mr Australia 2012

4th Place Mr. Olympia Asia 2015 (Men's Physique)

How did you get started in the fitness industry?

"I was fortunate enough to grow up playing sports. My parents enrolled me into the local footy club (Australian rules), cricket club and I also played competitive tennis. I was't blessed with height or natural strength and when I grew older I found myself competing against much bigger guys and that's where I started my weight training. From there it became an obsession to become stronger, bigger and being in good shape."

What made you become a personal trainer?

"I was going into work every day not overly motivated about my job in the financial sector when I was back in Australia, my true passion was in health and fitness. I decided I wanted a change and Personal Training was a perfect match for me. I could use my knowledge from years of training, working with top physique coaches and apply it to my clients."

What is your motivation of being a personal trainer?

"Clients come to me for a transformation and until they reach that goal i'm not satisfied. I love to see the changes in their body and confidence weekly, the more progress we make the more motivation the client and I have"

What is your strategy for getting clients into shape so fast?

"There isn't one specific formula for all clients. I have an array of clients all different shapes and sizes, my approach is different for all of them, every client has a unique programming. Two things that are consistent for all - keeping them compliant and accountable for their goals. I make sure they stay on track and focused at all times."

Pick 3 exercises for a client transformation and why?

I see my clients for two to three hours per week so I want to get the most out of them, therefore I always incorporate the compound movements as they are the most bang for your buck. Compound movements use multiple-joints at one time and in turn expend more energy (calories). My top 3 exercises would be:

1. Squat - recruiting muscles around the knee (quads and hamstrings) and hip (glutes, lower abs and lower back).

2. Overhead Press - recruiting muscles around the shoulder joint (upper back and deltoids), elbow joint (triceps, biceps).

3. Deadlift - the mother of all lifts in my opinion that hits the most muscle groups (lats, spinal erectors, traps, mid-back, hamstrings, quads, calves, chest, arms).

Finally what is your secret to building muscle while staying so lean?

"Train to perform better each session regardless of your emotions and surroundings. Lift HEAVY (maintaining form and technique) even whilst dieting or on a caloric deficit. Aim to progressively overload your muscles through adding on extra weights or reps each week, you should always strive to be better than you were the previous session. Besides this I always train with someone, I find training by yourself you never push yourself to the limit and oftenlose focus."





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