ONE 90 Days Later is a unique process that takes clients on a life-changing journey to attaining the body of their dreams.


We're not here to simply "motivate" clients to exercise or help them lose a bit of weight. We specialize in delivering a system that truly transforms your body in 90 days.


You are never too old, too young or too big to achieve the results. The clients in the images below came to us with a clear vision and desire of what they wanted to achieve in 90 days. It's our duty to do everything we can to get you to where you want to be.


Take a hold of your health, fitness and physique, and commit 90 days to get in the best shape of your life.


Using our expertise and training methods, programmes willl be formulated specific to your body composition goals. Training will be predominantly weight training, focused on losing as much body fat as possible and gaining lean muscle. We make sure you get the maximum benefit out of every session, and will be here every step of the way till you reach your desired physique.


Smart/ Tailored Diet Plan

You will receive personalized diet plans in line with your specific dietary requirements to complement your training, to ensure you reach your goals as fast as possible.


24/7 Support

When you sign up for the 90 days later plan you will get 24/7 access to your trainer who will be on hand to answer all of your questions. We found that regular contact increases client commitment, and in turn results - your trainer will make sure you are on track.

Weekly Progress Reports From Your Trainer

It's our trainer's job to keep you on track and motivated throughout your transformation process, and not lose steam. To keep standards in place, every trainer will send a weekly progress report to their clients highlighting progress with body weight, body fat percentage, girth measurements and other stats that report progress in the gym. 

The ONE team is not your run of the mill personal trainers.


Every one of our trainers:

  • Has an extensive track record of body composition results

  • Continuously study and stay up to date with the best practices within our field

  • Have a great passion for what we do and love to come into work every day

  • Most importantly - we not only talk the walk - each and every trainer walks the talk 


Collectively as a team, we have ONE mission - to produce as many results as we can. Our mission is made possible with a team that shares the same passion for a result-driven and high quality service to all our clients.

ONE 360 Assessment 

Our progress tracking method logs your weight, girth measurements, progress photos and most importantly, body fat statistics, on a biweekly basis. 


Using callipers, we measure 14 sites on the body that provide us with an overall body fat percentage. This comprehensive method works by identifying and measuring where your body stores fat and then linking it back to a hormonal balance or imbalance.


Hormonal imbalances are often the reason for stubborn body fat and other health issues such as low energy, poor sleep, and diminished cognitive function. We remedy these imbalances using nutrition, supplementation, training and lifestyle adjustments to improve body composition and overall well-being!


The objective is to use a scientific and logical approach to diet for body composition results. After analyzing the statistics from your One 360 assessment, we use set principles to create a fat loss nutrition plan specific to you. 


We live by a training method that has resulted in an extensive number of proven clients transformations. Our ReComp training programme promotes lean muscle mass building and body fat burning by raising levels of blood lactate, in turn increasing growth hormone production (responsible for building muscle and burning fat)






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